Why Does my AC System Need a Tune-Up?

May 21, 2017

Summer is still a little ways away but the summer temperatures have already arrived across the country. As you think about turning on your cooling system (or maybe you already have), make sure you call Strogen's Service Experts to set up your tune-up. Why, you ask? Here are a couple reasons.

Avoid Air Conditioning System Repairs

Preventative air conditioning maintenance can help reduce the volume of issues you have with your A/C system this summer. Yearly maintenance can also catch little issues before they come big problems, saving you money and making sure you don’t get left without cool air with the dog days of summer arrive.

Help Your System Live Longer and Keep Your Warranty Valid

Not only does a yearly tune-up help your air conditioning system live longer, it also helps keep your warranty valid. Most manufacturers will void a warranty if the unit has not been receiving yearly maintenance.

Scheduling ongoing maintenance is easy to neglect, but if Strogen's Service Experts has installed a new system for you, then you are automatically enrolled in our Maintenance Plus Plan for a year following installation. You could also enroll in any membership plan that fits your needs and budget. Apart from guaranteeing your manufacturer warranty is maintained, you could also have more perks like priority service, parts and labor coverage, and free HVAC filters.

Save Money

A yearly tune-up not only helps maintain your warranty, saving you money on repair costs, but it also helps you save up to 30% on your utility bills. Who doesn’t love that?


So think twice about ditching your air conditioning maintenance and call Strogen's Service Experts at 603-923-4570 today!

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