Low Humidity Could be Ruining These Areas of Your Home

August 17, 2016

Too much humidity can be a terrible thing, especially for curly hair, make-up, and even breathing. But a deficiency of humidity in your home might actually be harmful to some aspects of your home’s interior. Take a look at a few things you may have within your home that a lack of humidity can damage over time.

Wood Furniture and Wood Floors

When humidity levels rise and fall it causes wood to bloat and shrink, which might cause cracks and instability in wood furniture. The expanding and shrinking also contributes to warping or openings in wood flooring.


Absolutely – books necessitate moisture to prevent the pages from ending up dry and fragile. The absence of moisture can also make the ink flake and the cover warp. On the contrary, excessive moisture could cause book pages to stick together permanently, discoloration, and even mold.


Too little humidity creates static electricity which can affect the internal components of electronic equipment, such as your LCD TV, desktop computer, or even your beloved Nintendo.


Whether you are a collector of paintings or stamps and photos, make sure your home has a good balance of humidity all year. Rising and falling of humidity could cause postage stamps to turn brittle and discolored and can even coil the corners on your photographs. Low humidity can also make the paint used to produce portraits brittle or cause it to split.


Are you a collector of wine? Or a player of the piano? Humidity matters to you, too. To little humidity can cause the cork in a good bottle of wine to fracture or shrink, potentially damaging your vino. Too little humidity may also cause pianos, violins, and other fine instruments to be out-of-tune or cause cracks in the wood.

Want to know if your home has the correct amount of humidity? Call Strogen's Service Experts today for a no-charge in-home comfort analysis to be sure your air isn’t harming your valuable home.

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