How to Prevent Air Conditioning Problems

May 18, 2017

Many customers ask what they can do to help stop A/C system repair problems besides just changing their air filter every 30 days. Strogen's Service Experts is here with some suggestions to help your A/C system keep up with the heat of summer.

Turn off your system while mowing.

To help stop lawn clippings from infiltrating your outside cooling equipment, turn your thermostat to “off” while you are mowing. You should also keep the outdoor equipment clear from any plants so it has optimal room to perform properly.

Keep air supply vents open and free from obstruction.

To ensure proper airflow, make sure your return air grills are open and have plenty of space around them.

Get routine pest control maintenance.

Bugs can find their way into the electrical components within your outdoor A/C equipment. These bugs could potentially cause the air conditioner to malfunction so spreading an environmentally safe pesticide around the base of your outdoor equipment can help stop insect infestation issues.

Get your seasonal tune-up.

Strogen's Service Experts offers cooling equipment maintenance plans to provide customers with a proactive approach to taking care of your air conditioning system. Seasonal maintenance is crucial not just to keep your cooling system working properly, but also to keep your warranty valid.

Are you having issues with your air conditioning system? Call Strogen's Service Experts today at 603-923-4570 and we’ll send one of our experts out to get you cooling again in no time.

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